Van Gogh Museum

Our sponsorship of the Van Gogh Museum since 1 January 2015 has been the start of a unique collaboration bringing together two organisations with a long Dutch history and links with the province of Brabant.

For our clients, we organise tours, workshops and special evenings at the museum and online activities when visiting the museum is not possible because of Covid-19.

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As collectors and as facilitators of initiatives by both artists and museums, we feel an affinity with the Van Gogh Museum and the impressive way it meets the needs of an international public to encounter and get to know the man and his art.

Van Gogh Museum

New entrance

The beginning of the collaboration between Van Lanschot Kempen and the Van Gogh Museum became visible to every visitor in 2015 with the sponsorship of the museum's new entrance.

Photos: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Stichting)