Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation

The Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation supports charities in countries in which Van Lanschot Kempen has a branch with funding, knowledge and time.

The foundation was established at the beginning of 2016 by Van Lanschot Kempen. The foundation has ANBI status, which means the donators are offered a number of tax advantages.


The mission of the Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation is to initiate and support community projects for a better world and future generations. To achieve this, the foundation draws on its own financial resources, on knowledge and volunteering time (sometimes during business hours) of Van Lanschot Kempen employees. In addition, it uses the knowledge and network of clients.

The foundation concentrates on five themes, about which you can read more below.

In addition to these five focus areas, employees may seek financial donations towards social projects they actively pursue in their own time. This aspect of the foundation’s work is addressed by the Charity Committee.


The foundation focusses on five themes.

1. Sustainable living environment

A sustainable living environment is the Foundation's newest overarching theme. We consider it very important to include this theme in our activities. Additionally, by doing so we establish a strong connection with the Sustainable Development Goals pursued by Van Lanschot Kempen and respond to a request of a substantial number of our junior colleagues.

2. Financial education 

In this day and age, people more often have to take important decisions independently and at a younger age. Examples include decisions on education, employment, pensions, insurance or mortgage. Because the right knowledge, a specific talent or an entrepreneurial spirit increases the chance of making the right choices, the foundation is eager to successfully develop these three drivers in others.

3. Cultural education

Van Lanschot and Kempen have been supporting the arts for many years and are thus contributing to the preservation and the development of cultural heritage. We think it is important to contribute to lowering the threshold to arts and culture for children and elderly people who do not have easy access to it.

4. Healthy lifestyle

Healthcare is increasingly becoming a societal challenge. With the focus on appropriate care, efforts are being made to keep healthcare high quality, affordable and accessible. Appropriate care is about health rather than illness. Living healthier for a meaningful life is a fitting theme within the Foundation, also because Van Lanschot Kempen can draw on a large network and a lot of expertise in the healthcare sector.

5. Social cohesion through sport

Social interaction between different groups in society is important to the foundation. One of the means to achieve this goal, according to the foundation, is to encourage people in different groups in society to do sports together. In addition, this contributes to the development of a healthier society, because sport is an important factor for the health of our society, from both a physical and mental point of view.


To achieve its mission, the Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation develops different activities that reflect the themes mentioned. The foundation focusses solely on projects in all countries in which Van Lanschot Kempen is located and where employees are active (the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States). It operates on the principle that (financial) support is accompanied by the commitment of Van Lanschot Kempen employees.

Sponsorship projects (where a quid pro quo is provided by the receiving party) do not fit within the Foundation's objective.

The foundation does not donate to projects, organisations or individuals outside the countries mentioned, and religious or political organisations.

The foundation selects its own partners and projects. For that reason it is not possible to submit donation applications.


Management Board

The Management Board of the foundation is nominated by the Supervisory Board and consists of employees of Van Lanschot Kempen. The Management Board decides on donation requests, project applications and funding applications. The members of the Management Board (picture) are:

  • Godfried van Lanschot (Chairman)
  • Tim Louwman (Treasurer)
  • Lukas Koppens (Secretary)
  • Jacobine Gratama
  • Peter Hietink
  • Pauline Kreeft
  • Bob Stroeken
  • Folkert van Zanten
  • Nathalie Ouwerkerk

Office manager: Nicolette Bok

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is responsible for the appointments and supervision of the Management Board of the Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation. The Supervisory Board consists of all the members of the Management Board of Van Lanschot Kempen.

Remuneration policy

The members of the Supervisory Board and the board members are not financially compensated.


Contact details

Postal adress

Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation
Attn. Management Board
Beethovenstraat 300
1077 WZ  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Bank account

NL23 FVLB 0226 6080 93, St. Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation 

Tax number

The Legal Entities & Partnerships Identification Number (in Dutch: RSIN) is 856295693.

Chamber of Commerce 

Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 65868579.

ANBI information

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