Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Partner in managing your assets

Wealth management can be complex for many families (with or without a family office), foundations and charities. Our Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services help you to achieve your long-term goals efficiently. Think of us as your delegated investment department, assisting you with our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in solving the complex issues inherent with managing large sums of assets.

  • Institutional approach for high net worth families, foundations and charities
  • Tailored to your investment goals and principles
  • Customised investment solutions based on in-depth investment expertise
  • An ideal balance between management and support
  • Clear reporting that provides insights and at-a-glance overviews

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Institutional approach; personal service

Van Lanschot Kempen is a market leader in fiduciary asset management and advice for institutional asset owners including pension funds and insurers. With our OCIO-services, we apply the same approach and in-depth investment expertise for high net worth families (with or without a family office), foundations and charities. We know the challenges you face with managing large sums of assets, because we’ve been in private banking and wealth management since 1737. With the OCIO-services we combine these two worlds: you can count on a dedicated team that puts all this know-how to work for you.

Tailor-made solutions

Whatever level of support you require, we will work with you to design the investment process to suit your wishes and objectives. Our role is to ensure that the management of your assets is continuously aligned with your investment priorities and principles. The result is a future-proof, robust structure for your assets.

You will benefit from our in-depth expertise in all aspects of the investment process including the underlying investments, and a wide range of investment solutions in various asset classes, with extensive options in sustainable investment. Part of this could include formulating an appropriate sustainability policy.

Relationship management and services for outsourced cio

Balance between management and support

You will have access to a delegated investment department tailored to your organisation, consisting of specialist analysts and investment teams, to manage your investments, along with tailor-made analysis and advice. You will be empowered to make informed decisions with the confidence that all other aspects of the process are being taken care of.

Exactly where the responsibility lies for each task will be determined in consultation with you, but typically there are two models for managing your assets (note).

  • Van Lanschot Kempen provides central management within a predetermined framework and is accountable to you for this.
  • Van Lanschot Kempen advises you on possible investments; you take the final decisions.

Together, we will find the optimal service provision, based on your needs and priorities, and allowing for sufficient flexibility, should you wish to make other choices in the future.

Understandable accountability and reports

We will provide clear and transparent reporting on the investment policy in review sessions. Our reporting package is comprehensive, including the option to include the assets that you have not placed with us, giving you insight by providing an overview of your total assets.

Interested to know more?

Would you like to discover what OCIO-services can do for you? We would be happy to discuss this with you.


Depending on the services purchased and the client profile, the investment service will be provided by Van Lanschot Kempen NV and/or its wholly owned subsidiary Kempen Capital Management N.V.


Van Lanschot Kempen NV has its registered office at Hooge Steenweg 29, 5211 JN ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce for ’s-Hertogenbosch number 16038212. Van Lanschot Kempen NV is registered as a bank with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), Postbus 11723, 1001 GS Amsterdam, and De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (DNB), Postbus 98, 1000 AB Amsterdam, in the Financial Supervision Act (Wft) register. Van Lanschot Kempen NV may act as a provider of payment, savings and credit products, as an agent for insurance and credit products, and as a provider and/or administrator of investment services. Kempen Capital Management NV (KCM) is a fully owned subsidiary of Van Lanschot Kempen NV. KCM has its registered office at Beethovenstraat 300, 1077 WZ Amsterdam, chamber of commerce number 33181992. Kempen is licensed as a manager of various investment institutions and to provide investment services, and, as such, is subject to supervision by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets.