For Van Lanschot Kempen, sustainability means long-term value creation for all stakeholders - both financial and non-financial value.

Sustainable entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial people are decisive. From the founding of our company almost three centuries ago, we have been focused on solutions and possibilities. This mentality is essential for understanding and moving with the fundamental changes of our time, such as the energy and food transition.

We help clients navigate through these transitions with our extensive in-house knowledge and expertise. We see sustainability as both a responsibility and as an opportunity for our clients and society to create positive impact and return over the long run.

To keep up the pace, we conduct a pro-active dialogue with our clients and the companies in which we invest on their behalf. Together, we set sustainable goals and work tirelessly to reach them - for us, and for future generations.

This requires active engagement, attention, creative thinking, decisiveness, all while developing active, strong and long-term relationships with our clients. Our employees take responsibility and use their specialized knowledge to co-create new products and innovative solutions.

We show initiative and decisiveness in rapidly changing times, to understand markets and social developments, and to capitalize on opportunities to ensure that we are able to protect and grow the capital our clients have entrusted to us in a sustainable way. We are sustainable entrepreneurs.

Our purpose

In this document we explain why sustainability is an integral part of everything we do and how we contribute to it.

Our purpose

Focus themes

We focus on areas where we are best equipped to make a meaningful contribution.

  • Climate and biodiversity: helping our environment to recover faster by contributing to energy transition and biodiversity
  • Smart and circular economy: helping our investee companies to contribute to a smart, circular and inclusive economy
  • Living better for longer: helping our clients and society to live longer and in better health.



Our sustainability themes are translated into three transitions: energy, food and materials. You can read more about this in the white paper.

White paper: Navigating through transitions

Sustainable Development Goals

With the aim of making the world more sustainable by 2030, the United Nations established 17 Sustainable Development Goals at the end of 2015. These Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include numerous themes such as poverty, hunger, work, climate change and healthcare. Van Lanschot Kempen supports these sustainability goals. We have chosen six SDGs to which we contribute through our focus themes. 

Climate and biodiversitySmart and circular economyLiving better for longer

Organisation around sustainability

Realising our sustainability ambitions is one of our strategic priorities. Within Van Lanschot Kempen, the governance structure therefore consists of a separate Sustainability Board and a number of committees. The aim is to roll out our sustainability ambitions throughout the organisation. The Sustainablity Centre has the driving and coordinating role in this process. This document provides a brief description of the governance structure.

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How do we create - financial, social, human & intellectual, natural - value for our stakeholders?

Our sustainability policies are founded on active engagement with stakeholders.

More on external guidelines, as well as our procurement policy, banking activities and memberships.

To facilitate progress, the EU introduced a set of legislative initiatives. In this section we describe our approach.

Read our (annual) reports and ratings by external parties.

Want to know more about our sustainability policies?

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