Value creation

Every organisation has an impact on the world. Based on the idea of Integrated Reporting, this impact can be made visible to the organisation and its stakeholders. The Integrated Reporting framework brings together financial and non-financial data. The goal is to paint a holistic picture of how an organisation creates value for its stakeholders.

How do we create value?

Van Lanschot Kempen has mapped out its value creation process as follows. 

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Value creation model 2022 Van Lanschot Kempen

Within this model we distinguish:

  • Input capitals
  • Output capitals

Inputs are needed for our organisation to function by generating outputs for our stakeholders.

Inputs and outputs can be subdivided into different capitals. Van Lanschot Kempen distinguishes five output capitals: 

  • Financial capital
  • Manufactured capital
  • Human and intellectual capital
  • Social capital
  • Natural capital

An organisation creates value when the output of capital exceeds the input. You can read more about our value creation process in our 2022 Annual Report (as of page 23).

Quantifying our value creation

In addition to mapping value creation, the aim is to substantiate it quantitatively as much as possible. The quantification of non-financial capital, in particular, is a relatively new field for which no standardised method exists as yet. This means that the quantification of, among others, human and natural capital is still surrounded by some uncertainty and must therefore be treated as indicative.

Van Lanschot Kempen's aim is to continually improve the way in which we measure our value creation in the years ahead. Your feedback via is most welcome.